Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Journey To Success Is Not Always A Straight Path, But The Key Is To Never Give Up!

The true purpose behind me writing my book FROM A GED TO A JURIS DOCTOR DEGREE is to candidly share with you all my personal experiences on my way to success. That means sharing the good, bad and the ugly, not just sharing the things I am most comfortable with discussing. I truly believe that exploring and discussing my mistakes, poor choices, and lack of planning as it relates to life's circumstances and how we can bounce back from all of life's obstacle and roadblocks. Ultimately, we have to own up to the mistakes of our past in order to put them behind us and move on. Most of all, in the book we will discuss the importance of properly planning for success and some possible strategies of getting there. Some may wonder why I tell so much about my life in FROM A GED TO A JURIS DOCTOR DEGREE, but my book does not even compare to the content of the Bible. The real question is what would it be like for all of us if the characters in the Bible had not or refused to share their mistakes or even the good for that matter? The answer is, we would simply be lost with no guidance on how we should and should not live our lives. I think we all have a duty to testify, to share the good and the bad about our lives as we embark on our journey to success. Let's not fool people into believing that we came straight from the womb and into success, without any challenges along the way. You just may spare someone of one less headache on his or her path to success. I hope you enjoy my book and I wish all of you God speed on your journey! I look forward to sharing more of my life's testimonies with you all in the second and final edition of FROM A GED TO A JURIS DOCTOR DEGREE  once I am medically cleared to go back and finish this last year of law school. I truly believe that our experiences our worth sharing and can go a long way in helping others on their way to success! In the near future I will began writing another book that is even more candid about my life's story that did not make it into this book. One of my first reviews on Amazon.com was actually 5 out of 5 stars. The author of that review stated that he knows that there was a lot more to more story and that he's sure other readers would love to hear about it just as much as he does! To have a peek inside of this book, just click on this link FROM A GED TO JURIS DOCTOR DEGREE